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Square Mile International

Wireless Broadband Technical Information

Square Mile - Square Mile is the exclusive supplier of Wireless Broadband to sailors within 50 of the UK 's largest and most prestigious marinas.

Square Mile International Ltd

Wireless broadband internet network for Marinas

Technology partners
Square Mile provides the service to marinas in partnership with technology providers Bozii (hosting and roaming service,) ServiceFactory (authentication software) and TeleCity (hosting platform and data centre),

Bozii - the service and network
BOZII simplifies the Wi-Fi user experience with its umbrella service, one subscription fee, one username and password, one bill and easy access to multiple hotspot providers. Users can roam across the UK accessing networks such as BT Openzone, Ready to Surf, Surf and Sip, Square Mile, Iyzone, Canova Wireless and Net-Near-U. BOZII offers an abundance of value add services, including a SMS hotspot locator, SMS lost password facility and online billing with statistics all for the same cost as joining a single network. BOZII runs an Orbyte platform by Service Factory to power the brokerage for BOZII's roaming service and Wireless ISP hosting services. BOZII's hosting service for wireless ISPs offers networks the ability to backhaul hotspots for authentication, billing and sign-up. BOZII also allows access to the same BOZII value add services for its own customers, including 24/7 technical support, SMS services, online billing with statistics and corporate management accounts for larger businesses.

ServiceFactory provides complete systems for the production of Internet services - systems that develop the operator's range of services and profitability. The company, founded December 1, 1999, is primarily owned by the employees. Other shareholders are TeliaSonera and Brainheart Capital. ServiceFactory has 45 employees and the headquarters is located in Stockholm. Some of those who have invested in systems from ServiceFactory are Telia HomeRun, Skanova, Comhem, TDC, Telia ADSL, Megabeam Italy (Bought by Telecom Italia), Tiscalli, Euskaltel and the WLAN Group AG and Megabeam UK (recently bought by Swisscom Eurospot). Square Mile uses ServiceFactory at their data centre as the platform to manage and upgrade the network from one central source. ServiceFactory is the leading European supplier of software systems that manage more than a million customers for wireless broadband services and access management.

TeleCity is the leading provider of colocation and data centre services in Europe. Through the network of carrier-neutral data centres they offer secure, controlled environments staffed by highly skilled engineers. TeleCity operates nine data centre facilities in seven cities across six countries in Europe. There are two UK sites located in London and Manchester, with other facilities in Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris and Stockholm. TeleCity facilities make an ideal environment for your data back up and disaster recovery needs with a variety of secure solutions available. The presence of over 75 Tier 1 and Tier 2 global and national network providers and ISPs located at TeleCity facilities, enables them to offer an almost limitless range of bandwidth and IP connectivity options.
TeleCity operates nine state of the art technical facilities across six European markets. These facilities offer secure, controlled environments for businesses who want to outsource all, or part, of the management of their technical infrastructure to independent data centre environments.

Square Mile
Square Mile run their systems on a high-quality carrier grade infrastructure, ensuring reliable, high speed wireless broadband access. The network has been verified by Intel to support virtually all major applications. Hotspots have been sited across the whole of each marina, giving all berth holders and many of the surrounding marine-related industries and services unlimited broadband access to the internet.

Worldwide roll-out
Every UK Marina commercially offering this service uses Square Mile, and the company plans to rollout the service to marinas worldwide.

User access
Yacht and motor boat users are able to access the service via their existing laptop, giving them connection speeds commensurate with broadband and much faster and cheaper than access through a mobile phone. This also means the user can make and receive phone calls whilst surfing the Internet.

Fast & secure
Users will experience connection speeds of up to 512kbps, nearly ten times the speed of dial up. The network uses the latest security technology to ensure connectivity is as secure as any Internet connection.

About Square Mile International

Square Mile International is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) building a portfolio of hot spots within Marinas around the world. This service offers high-speed, secure connectivity to berth holders, residents and businesses situated within Square Mile networks at Marinas. Founded in 2001 by Dominic Killinger, Managing Director, the company's headquarters are in Marlow, Bucks, with operations in Australia and Spain.

Exclusively focused on the marina environment, Square Mile have built direct relationships with world leading manufacturers of wireless hardware to ensure the most reliable and secure accessibility for subscribers.

Square Mile - Square Mile is the exclusive supplier of Wireless Broadband to sailors within 50 of the UK 's largest and most prestigious marinas.

Square Mile International

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