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Square Mile International

The Internet Surf Shack

Square Mile - Square Mile is the exclusive supplier of Wireless Broadband to sailors within 50 of the UK 's largest and most prestigious marinas.

Southampton Boat Show 2005 - Stand F001 - The Internet Surf Shack

NEWS RELEASE 16 September 2005


Usage by sailors of Square Mile's wireless broadband has been growing at an explosive rate of 25% per month during 2005. As more and more sailors have realised the potential of wireless broadband on their boats, user numbers have been growing by up to 100 per day.

August this year saw Square Mile users at the 45 live marinas crash through the 'one-million-minute-month' landmark, a figure which is believed to equal the total number of minutes of usage across all 1700 BT Openzone wireless hotspots across the UK. This is an average of twelve hours usage every day on every site. The average length of time a user is online is now 34 minutes.

Dominic Killinger, Managing Director of Square Mile commented: "The take-up has been phenomenal and the usage is exceptional. This now puts us on track to launch a variety of other products and services that include VoiP, on board CCTV as well as some rich tidal and weather content. Maintaining the growth in usage and user numbers is now key to ensuring that in 2006 we continue to offer the very lowest price Wi-Fi in the UK."

Sailors have reported using the service for video conferencing, email, general web browsing as well as vital weather and tidal content. Many even run their businesses on board.

Some sailors have commented that they have actually chosen which marina to visit according to whether it has a Square Mile hotspot.

Square Mile has been able to offer the service for free this year thanks to the support of the marina operators, including Premier Marinas, Dean & Reddyhoff, Quay Marinas and the Yacht Haven Group.

"Having invested heavily in the infrastructure to build a carrier grade and secure network in 2003/4, we have focused on the user for 2005," continued Dominic. "More users means lower costs, so that will continue to be our focus in 2006, as well as growing the rich content available when using our service."

The service is being provided by Square Mile International in 45 marinas across the UK. Businesses based around the marinas have also benefited from the service.

About Square Mile International

Square Mile International is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) building a portfolio of hot spots within Marinas around the world. This service offers high-speed, secure connectivity to berth holders, residents and businesses situated within Square Mile networks at Marinas. Founded in 2001 by Dominic Killinger, Managing Director, the company's headquarters are in Marlow, Bucks, with operations in Australia and Spain.

Exclusively focused on the marina environment, Square Mile have built direct relationships with world leading manufacturers of wireless hardware to ensure the most reliable and secure accessibility for subscribers.

Square Mile - Square Mile is the exclusive supplier of Wireless Broadband to sailors within 50 of the UK 's largest and most prestigious marinas.

Square Mile International

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