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Outboards, Marine Outboard Engines

Outboards, Marine Outboard Engines

Useful Outboard Engines Resource Sites, and Outboard Engines OEM Manufacturers Websites.

Evinrude - BRP International: Home of the Evinrude and Johnson outboards engines. Also Evinrude E-TEC.

Honda - Honda Marine: Home of the Honda Four-Stroke Outboard Engines.

Mercury - Mercury Marine: Home of the Mercury Outboard Engines. Note: This site was broken for me and I have NEVER been able to get it to load.

Nissan - Nissan Marine: Home of the Nissan Outboard Engines.

Suzuki - Suzuki Marine: Home of the Suzuki Outboard Engines. Note: Another site that was was broken for me and I have NEVER been able to get it to load. Hope YOU have better luck.

Yamaha - Yamaha Motors: United Kingdom Home of the Yamaha Outboard Engines.

British Seagulls Outboard Engines

Finding parts for a British Seagull can be a challenge; you may even have a desire to own one........ these sites are listed here to aid your research. The British Seagull outboard engine has not been produced now for many years but there is still an enthusiastic following of this reliable aqnd sturdy example of British Marine Engineering.

British seagull - British Seagull: Home of the British Seagull outboards engine. A great resource for information and spare parts for British Seagull Outboard Engines.

Saving Old Seagulls - Saving Old Seagulls - A comprehensive and informative web site about British Seagulls. Includes advice on how to I.D your Seagull and how to get parts for your British Seagull, no matter how old. There is a retail outlet page for spare parts and, occasionally, there are restored British Seagull Outboard Engines for sale.

Yahoo British Seagull Discussion Group - Yahoo British Seagull Discussion Group - Useful to communicate with other Seagull owners, might just help in finding that rare seagull spare part.

Seagull Parts - Seagull Parts - A UK based Seagull site that has engines and spare parts for sale. Some of the site requires registration for access.

Zen and the Art of Seagull Engine Maintenance - Zen and the Art of Seagull Engine Maintenance - A fan site for the Seagull outboard engine.

British Seagull - British Seagull Restoration of Old Classic Outboards - This useful information site is based in New Zealand. Specialising in the restoration of old British Seagull Outboard Engines, the site also offers Seagulls for sale.

Outboards, Marine Outboard Engines

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