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UK Boating News

UK Boating News

London Boat Show 2011 - Tullett Prebon International London Boat Show 2011.

Liverpool Boat Show 2011 - The Inaugral Liverpool Boat Show 2011.

Southampton Boat Show - UKAFLOAT visits the Southampton Boat Show - Champagne, Sandwiches, Cream Teas, and............ boats.

Gypsy Moth IV at the Southampton Boat Show - Pics and news about the refurbished Gipsy Moth IV which was visited by UKAFLOAT at The Southampton Boat Show.

Legend Owners Association and Boats for Sale - Pics and news about The Legend Owners Association and Legend Boats for Sale at The Southampton Boat Show .

BBC weather Tide Tables. - BBC Weather Tide Tables - UK tides information for all standard and secondary ports is provided to the BBC Weather Centre by the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO). This allows the BBC to provide an on-line six day tidal prediction service aimed at leisure mariners, holidaymakers and enthusiasts of coastal pursuits. The locations are loosely divided up into 'regional' sections around the coastline, but these may not correspond exactly with geographic, political or BBC TV regional boundaries.

What a shame - we seem to have lost Square Mile - Square Mile International - Free Broadband Internet Access at UK Marinas - Unbelievable? Square Mile International offer just that.

UK Boating News

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